Design to serve the Customer Satisfaction along with Industrial Standard, Specification, Appropriate Technology and Highest Efficiency.

Construction… to coordinate with all related contractors to keep on-time progress and meet project schedule.

System Installation and Commissioning & Test Run to verify Quality Assurance of the System.


To deliver Pump, Filter, Disinfection and all Pool Equipment as per the End User’s Requirement and Project Specification.

To deliver Test Kit and Chemical for Water Test and Chemical Balancing as per the End User’s Requirement and Project Specification.


Poolvarin provides Training Course for general maintenance and Cleaning Service by Monthly or Yearly for your Hygiene, Safety including Long Life of each Pool Equipment.

Inspection for all Pool System and Equipment to ensure your pool system performs under normal operation or any malfunction in the system which covers Pump, Valve, Filter, Disinfection and Water Circulation Systems.

Water Test & Chemical Balancing Treatment are required as per the instruction of Disinfection System for your healthy. The end user should reduce the tasks to carry Water Test Kit and Chemicals for water treatment.

A good maintenance is the way to prolong the life time of Pool System and Equipment. Consumable Parts may need the replacement at the right time to avoid the damage of major equipment. Also, we need to repair any damage of the equipment to prolong the overall systems.


Traditional Chemical Treatment to sanitize the water with Chlorine in forms of Granular, Liquid or Tablet by Manual or Automatic Feeder.
Chlorine Level 1.00-3.00 ppm.
     + Low Installation Cost.
     + Eliminate Algae and Bacteria (but not Viruses).
                Irritate to Eyes, Skin and Hair.
                High Operating Cost.
                Fade the Swimming Suit and Corrosive to Pool Equipment.
                Unpleasant to Smell (Chloramine Gas)
                Dangerous to Store and Unsafe to Handle.

Electrolysis Process to crack NaCl (Salt) into Free Chlorine by Salt-Chlorinator and
Salt-Cell Electrodes.
Salt Level 2500-3500 ppm, Chlorine Level 1.00-3.00 ppm.

Ozone O3 is produced by light waves from UV lamps causing oxygen O2 to break down into single atoms O. and binds with oxygen O2 that is not broken down into O3 to eliminate algae, viruses, and bacteria.

Advantages – There are no chemicals left in the water.
Caution – Do not look at the light or touch the UV lamp directly.

To generate Chlorine Compounds from Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Chloride from the Mineral. Similar Sanitation to Chlorine and Salt-Chlorinator.

Electrolysis process To separate copper and/or silver ions (Cu/Ag Ions) from Cu/Ag Electrodes.
into the water to eliminate algae, viruses, bacteria and various microorganisms.

Electrolysis Process to crack O2 and generate Hydroxyl (OH), Atomic Oxygen (O), Combination with Copper Ionizer are effectively to inactive Algae, Viruses, Bacteria, High Investment and Operating Cost (Good for Water Shortage Area.)