Our website, poolvarin.com, respects the privacy of all users who visit our website. We would like to clarify to you about the use of your personal information. This privacy policy applies to the following persons:

  • Service providers or website owners, hereinafter referred to as poolvarin.com
  • Website visitors are those who open a web page or read information on any page of the poolvarin.com website.
  • Website users are those who use online shopping services or register with the website system.

    The poolvarin.com website has set a policy on personal information to raise the standard of security of personal information of website visitors and users. This is to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2019

    Therefore, we recommend that you read this privacy policy to learn and understand the principles that the poolvarin.com website adheres to in its handling of your personal information.

Purpose for collecting personal information.

     Purposes for collecting personal information poolvarin.com collects your personal information for the following purposes of the website operation:

  • For use in online marketing and advertising activities.
  • For use in analyzing website visitor data and marketing research.
  • To use to verify website users who want to log in to the website.
  • To use as shipping information.
  • To use as a contact information for website users.
  • To use for website development and to provide personalized experiences for website visitors.

Personal information collected by the poolvarin.com website.

     The poolvarin.com website collects your personal information through the use of the website and registration. The information we collect is as follows:

  • Name and surname of website users.
  • E-mail address of website users.
  • Website login information, including the username that website users set up or the system automatically generates, and the password that website users set up.
  • Address of website users.
  • Phone number of website users.
  • Computer traffic data of website visitors, used for analysis and to adjust the website security system.

Use of cookies on the poolvarin.com website.

    The poolvarin.com website uses cookies for the purpose of website operation. You can learn more about the cookie policy on the poolvarin.com website from our Cookie Policy.

Personal information collected by third parties.

    The poolvarin.com website uses software and services from third parties to improve the performance of the website. The services used by the website are as follows:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel/Conversion API
  • Google Tag Manager
  • LINE Tag
  • Tiktok Pixel
  • Twitter Pixel
  • Google Maps Embedded
  • Youtube Embedded

    In cases where there are links to third-party platforms, such as advertising networks, social media, other external website providers, certain types of cookies and computer traffic data may be managed by third parties. Therefore, it is recommended that website visitors study and understand the cookie policy and privacy policy of third parties as well.

Rights of the owner of personal information.

  • Website users have the right to request to delete data that is registered in the system. They can notify their request to delete data through the contact channels in the “Contact” section of this policy.
  • Website visitors can refuse to use cookies from the cookie notification window on the website.
  • Website visitors can delete all cookie data from the web browser they are using. You can study how to delete cookies from the web browser from the website of the web browser developer.

Security of personal information.

    The poolvarin.com website attaches importance to your personal information and will use effective measures to protect your information at all times. Therefore, we have used technology and established various policies with the purpose of protecting your personal information from unauthorized access and misuse. We will use new technologies that can be found as we develop the website to improve these measures over time.

    On the poolvarin.com website, there may be links to other websites or you may use links on other websites to come to our website. We ask you to understand that the poolvarin.com website is not responsible for the policies and practices regarding the privacy of other websites. Therefore, please study the policies and practices regarding the protection of personal data of the websites you visit before and after visiting our website through the links on the website as well.

    However, the poolvarin.com website is not able to control or be responsible for the use of personal data by third parties or organizations that receive information from you through this website. Therefore, we recommend that you consider accepting or rejecting the use of cookies from third parties, as we have mentioned above about the right you can refuse to use these cookies on your own.

How to contact poolvarin.com and the Data Protection Officer?

    If you have any suggestions or need to inquire about the details of the collection, use, and/or disclosure of your personal information, including the request to exercise your rights under this policy, you can contact us through the following channels:

Policy Prepared By Poolvarin (Poolvarin.Com).